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Sushil pandit

Ongoing vote bank politics of Kashmir has claimed so many innocent lives. Military personnel and civilians are combating each other which is not fruitful for anyone of these. Watch this special segment and get to know about the Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed plan to take profit of Kashmir's agitation and violence.

Watch this special segment and get to know about, Why is Mehbooba Mufti attacking Hindu's belief for votes? To know more watch this full video here.

sushil pandit

Watch this special segment and get to know Why there is ideological difference from between Jammu and Kashmir? Watch this special segment and get to know why police brutally thrashed NIT non Kashmir's students? By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by clicking this link.

Why political parties fail to understand the plight of Indian Army in Kashmir? Is Pakistan behind the ongoing violence and agitation in Kashmir? Why is Mehbooba Mufti attacking Hindu's belief for votes? Why is Mehbooba Mufti attacking Hindu beliefs for votes? Is patriotism in Kashmir a crime? Aadhaar card can get you Rs 3. India sees highest spike in coronavirus COVID cases, deaths in 24 hours; total infectedfatalities Web-series actress Maanvi Gagroo narrates her casting couch experience, says was asked to 'compromise'.

You can find out more by clicking this link Close.SinceMaitri has worked with over 45, individuals on the issues of social and health inequities and public health concerns through education, community outreach, networking, and legal advocacy.

Read More. Oxform Dictionary defines Identity as- the fact of being who or what a person or thing is, a close similarity or affinity, a transformation that leaves an object unchanged. To establish or indicate who or what someone or something is. These identities are either obtained or assigned by family, society and civil organization. Maitri works to restores the Identity when deprived of or redefine the identity, which marginalizes people.

We all recognize that we all have a deep, human desire to be treated as something of value. When we indicate that feelingthe expression to another, it is called Dignity for the said person. Maitri commits treating every individual with identity, dignity and respect. Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care about his or her feelings and well-being. Showing respect for others include things like not calling people mean names, treating people with courtesy, caring enough about yourself that you don't do things you know can hurt you.

JAN URJA MANCH : Talk by Sushil Pandit ji on Kashmir ka Itihas-Vartaman 28.4.2019 3rd Part

Maitri believes in working with and for respect for every person. An elderly, single woman, especially the one who has lost her husband, goes through multiple levels of subordination in the Indian context. At Maitri, we aim to help this woman navigate through these levels and redeem her life with dignity, identity and respect. Young children, especially girls are exposed to the structural subservience that exists within the patriarchal construct of the society, at an impressionable age.

We believe that it is not only necessary to empower these children, but also change the mind-set that propagates these ideals. The glitz and glamour of an urban environment do not reach a large section of its dwellers, including rickshaw pullers and their families.

Maitri makes an effort to strengthen these communities so that they can realize the full potential of their establishment. They want to spend time figuring out what their passions are. We at Maitri, work towards building partnerships on those values and solidifying them into transparent and collective engagement by working together.

It is only through support we are able to achieve our dreams". The vision to create identity, dignity and respect for vulnerable populations requires a collective action and makes a clear call for new strategies, resources and innovations which evolve with time and the needs of the beneficiaries.

Maitri was founded on values where everyone contributes to reach towards these goals. Its unconditional love. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. Working with diverse populations and spaces is a challenge but Maitri implements each project with clearly defined goals.

Maitri is unique and effective because it works with compassion, patience and discipline with an underlining need to understand the issues faced by the beneficiaries.

sushil pandit

To me it happened the day I saw the mothers in Vrindavan. I had tears in my eyes, for I saw my mother, my sister in their eyes. I knew, we had to do something to give them dignity in life. Development and Growth can happen with directed leadership and committed values.

We have to work towards a world where health, age and citizenship rights are of paramount value. Our success lies in finding new ways and ideas which bring people together to create change. Maitri works with diverse populations and some of the key aspects of work involves advocacy and awareness, to put across voices and naratives of change, to engage in inclusive and participatory dialogues.

Infocus brings out different such engagements and nuances of our work:. Our strength lies in our compassion towards others. Who We Are. Who We Help.Interestingly, when this large demonstration was taking place, a counter-demonstration, much smaller in size, was held across the road by a notorious ISI agent, Ghulam Nabi Fai.

Investigating officials revealed that several call centre owners had been complaining to senior officers in the Noida police. The three-day dialogue, in its second edition this year, commenced with an interaction of contradictory views. Vaidya today said that he wasn't shocked over the Amarnath terror attack, Jammu and Kashmir activist Sushil Pandit said that it? With reports of evidence substantiating the fact that separatist leader in Valley are on Pakistan's payrolls, Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit on Sunday questioned the government and asked what measures is the ruling dispensation taking in order to unearth anti-India forces from Jammu and Kashmir.

Commenting after the Indian Army's surgical strike, Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit said that Pakistan is paying the price of using terror as a part of its state policy.

Home Topics. Sushil Pandit News. Delhi Noida: Accused nabbed after hour long operation Investigating officials revealed that several call centre owners had been complaining to senior officers in the Noida police.

sushil pandit

Delhi Noida: Station house officer, 3 journalists booked for demanding a bribe The accused caught red handed, cops recover Rs 8 lakh cash, Mercedes car and a pistol. Jaipur Jaipur cop runs out of breath, dies He took part in a run held for those seeking promotion. Jaipur The Jaipur Dialogues: What comes first, Nation or Nationalism The three-day dialogue, in its second edition this year, commenced with an interaction of contradictory views.

India Mehbooba shouldn't wade into foreign policy issues Activist Jammu and Kashmir activist Sushil Pandit on Saturday advised state Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti not to wade into foreign policy issues. India ISI funding separatists: Kashmiri activist questions governmental action With reports of evidence substantiating the fact that separatist leader in Valley are on Pakistan's payrolls, Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit on Sunday questioned the government and asked what measures is the ruling dispensation taking in order to unearth anti-India forces from Jammu and Kashmir.

India Centre's decision on separatists should be celebrate Activist Social activist from Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday welcomed the Central Government? India Pakistan is paying the price of sowing discord: Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit Commenting after the Indian Army's surgical strike, Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit said that Pakistan is paying the price of using terror as a part of its state policy.Pandit is a prominent Kashmiri leader and above all, an intellectual well informed in the history of Kashmir.

His talk emphasized the need to confront the issues prevailing in Kashmir and provided keen insights into how India as a nation can put the politics of partition behind to build a stronger and more united country. More than a one directional lecture, Mr. Pandit chose to hold a conversation with the listeners, asking participants to speak up and voice any questions they might have on the subject.

sushil pandit

The session began with the participants describing their perceptions on Kashmir which were wide and varied. Pandit also briefly detailed his own perspective of the contested province and the lives of the individuals settled there.

This was followed by an in-depth discussion on colonial India and the politics behind the policies of that time. The partition of India and the consequent events that followed were also elaborated upon.

Pandit wrapped up the discussion by taking questions from the audience. He also addressed the challenges persisting in the current political and judicial systems within the country and stressed on the necessity of finding solutions to the same.

The session ended with a note of thanks offered by the student representative.Do watch the video given below to get a clear understanding regarding Article So revocation of Article is not that easy. The people who were shouting for the removal of Article since Independence, now today they are in power in Kashmir and in Centre. Leave apart removal of Articlethey are not ready to talk about Article The document of accession which brought Kashmir into Union of India was signed on 26 th of October, This document of accession is exactly the same, not even a full stop or comma is different from what other princely states signed in order to merge into India.

Okay, Sir? Inon 26 th of October what Maharaja Hari Singh signed was exactly what other princely states signed to merge into India. That document of accession is the same. Yes, all those documents of accession were conditional. There were four things that Government of India, Union of India had in their power.

External affairs was one of them. Defence was another. Communication was third. And currency was fourth.

Sushil Pandit Reviews Shikara, Says ‘it Airbrushes Horrors Of Brutal Cleansing From J&K'

Then India got busy putting together its Constitution. You must remember, at that time in there was no Constitution. Constitution writing was concluded on 26 th of November And ten days before that, the idea of Article emerged. Not at the time of accession, Sir.

Sushil Pandit Wiki, Biography, Age, Images, Family & More

When Sheikh Abdullah goes to Dr. Because Congress had the majority in the Constituent Assembly, Nehru thought that the Working Committee of Congress, if adopts this, Constitution… Constituent Assembly will automatically have to adopt it. Refused to take it. Then Nehru had to tell Sardar Patel and also, Gopalaswami Ayyangar, who was his Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet, to make sure that this article is included in the Constitution of India while he was going on a visit abroad to London.

Because it was an interim government, because Patel and Nehru had a very difficult relationship, and Patel did not want to be accused of plotting against his own Prime Minister, he had to comply. And what he did was, in order to create a safeguard, wrote two words preceding and defining this article saying it is a temporary and transient provision.

So, Article as per its text is a temporary and transient provision in the Constitution of India. It is another matter that it has been temporary for the past 70 years.

So, what happens when Constituent Assembly is adopting ArticleDr. Bhimrao Ambedkar boycotts that session and walks out.It was only marketed as one. Soon after I saw the film, someone pointed me to the publicity material. There is nothing timeless about Love or the Story in Shikara.

And the Times it is set in were, actually, far worse than the filmmakers could summon the candour, or competence, to show. In fact, it is about the depiction of these Times that the film badly lets you down. The story of Kashmiri Pandits is that of a brutal genocide. You may need a love story, or any other story, to show how that genocide was committed 30 years ago. That bit is understandable. In Shikara, it is the other way round. The film has used the Kashmiri Pandit genocide to show an ordinary gooey, mushy and pulpy love story.

And, that it is not all.

sushil pandit

You know how genetic modification GM makes fruits and vegetables look better, tastier and longer-lasting. Genocides are a messy business. Is that why ours has been given a bit of genetic makeover? Shikara has not only airbrushed the horrors of our brutal cleansing from the Valley, it has been fairly inventive about its origins too. For example, the film tells us that like all our problems, it is the President of America who is actually responsible for the exodus of Hindus from Kashmir.

From the very first frame till the last, the hero is shown typing away. He writes hundreds of letters to the President of America protesting against their politics. We are also told that the jihad we face is for a rational reason.

A terrorist in the film takes to guns because his father succumbs to the head injuries sustained in a cane-charge by police on a political procession. Till I last checked, Hizb, Lashkar or Jaish were not formed to avenge the individual grievances. Nor did the brutes like Yasin, Bitta or Zargar take to guns for such reasons. Such rationalisations have served the cause of camouflaging jihad in Kashmir just as clumsily as the Naxals are justified in Bastar.

The scale and speed at which the violence is shown to erupt, leading to the Hindus emptying out, renders the pre-exodus bonhomie in the Hindu-Muslim relations in Kashmir unreal and exaggerated. This generally happens when you attempt to give primacy to a few individual exceptions over the larger societal realities. But then, how else would you secularise the hatred for Hindus and sustain a rose-tinted narrative?

And if you think that secular monkey balancing is now too trite to cut much ice these days, the story-teller begs to differ. While tomato-distribution in a refugee camp was to mock at a political party with a dead giveaway pseudonym, there was not even a pretence of an effort to mask a pedestrian homily on the Ayodhya issue.As a woman broke down after the screening of movie Shikara on Friday, a viewer and social activist Sushil Pandit, who was sitting in the audience, spoke to Republic TV.

This was her primary grouse because she felt that this movie was going to highlight Kashmiri Hindu genocide, in the manner it should be," he added. A video where the woman is fuming at the filmmaker is going viral on social media. This is a ridiculous movie. Chopra also got flak for asking the audiences to clap for her when she started lashing out. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news.

Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. The Debate. Breaking News. Related Stories. Ayushmann Khurrana pens special poem for warriors during Coronavirus pandemic Watch.

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